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Poker is the most popular cards game in the world, its origins are not completely known. The name poker is also unknown and may come from various languages. Some historians think that it comes from an eighteenth-century French game called poque. The French who settled New Orleans in the 15th century played this game. Others mention the German game pochspiel, where there’s also an element of bluffing, where players would indicate whether they wanted to pass or open by rapping on the table and saying, “Ich Poche!”

Online and live poker are obviously two different variants of the same game. Despite the fact that the game itself is exactly the same, the different environments it’s played in, give birth to particularities that clearly set the two variants apart.

While this difference is not all that accentuated in Limit Texas Holdem, it becomes obvious in No Limit. Those players who have only played online poker (the vast majority of those playing online, fall into this category) also easily recognize the difference in approach, Limit Holdem and No limit Holdem require.

Poker discipline is something that all players should have as one of their main assets. If your discipline is poor, you should make it your highest priority to improve it. As a poker player, you will know that there are few things in life as exciting as landing a great looking starting hand in Texas Holdem. Being dealt a good starting hand puts you in command right away and you feel excited about the possibility that you will go on and win the pot.

But unfortunately this excitement is probably responsible for more losing hands and leaving players with empty chip stacks than almost anything else in the game of poker.

From the days of playing traditional poker, the game has seen many changes and Texas Hold’em is certainly a popular version of the game.

The Internet has brought the online gambling industry to our living rooms. The casino goers no longer have to physically travel to the gambling spots but just log on to the Internet and enjoy real time experiences of gambling. The virtual world is flooded with online casinos, providing multiple opportunities of gambling.
However, the present boom in the online gambling industry has brought in a host of casinos online and thus it might become risky at times to play with any online casino.