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There are many factors that you need to take into account if you want to become a grandmaster in the online roulette circuit. In fact, unless you have the time available to invest in becoming a professional player, it is very unlikely that you will ever become more than just an average player, in other words, learning to be a professional takes a lot of hard work and dedication and you must be serious about your goal.

Even though there is nothing wrong with being just an average player, after all the majority are also average, it is much more advantageous for you wallet to become an elite roulette player, when playing online roulette at any rate. Being an elite player will mean more winnings and more money to reinvest in the game, thus more entertainment as you will be able to play for longer with a larger bankroll.

One of the key points of roulette money management is to work out how much your bankroll is going to be. That is, how much you are going to bet with. Following that you must decide how much your bet unit will be. If you are a cautious player maybe go for 1% which means on a bankroll of $300, your betting unit should be $3. If you are more aggressive you can increase that to as much as 5% or $15. Don’t be intimidated into changing your betting unit by what is happening around you. Stay true to your roulette money management principles. Once you have decided on what your limit is going to be you have to stick with it.

Placing just the best bets:

You can start with the best bet that is available on the European table; the en prison rule on even-money bets. When 0 comes up, the bet will be captured and it will be carried forward to be a part of the next spin. In case you win, you will not be paid for it but you can certainly take back your original bet so that you just lose half of your bet. 1:35% is the house edge on the even money bets under single zero and the en prison rule. This makes it one of the best bets for playing roulette.

Roulette is known as a game which favors the house and yet players find it one of the most attractive casino games. Should you win playing roulette you can certainly make a nice profit but it is a good idea to enter the game with some understanding of roulette odds. Once you get the basics of roulette odds you will also understand where to play and what type of wheel to choose. What bet you make also influences your odds of winning but don’t count on the smart bets making you a guaranteed winner at roulette. Either way whether you play Roulette online or at a live casino you will probably have a fun time!